Mission Statement

We are a group of riders who train and compete together, out of love for the sport. We lead by example, encouraging the next generation of riders to discover the fun and freedom of cycling.


The sport of cycling takes place out of sight of the casual observer. People are typically exposed to the sport by having a friend who is a cyclist, or by happening to learn of a cycling event through a website/local bike shop. For children, they are typically exposed to the sport by having a parent already involved in cycling. Once discovered, there are a few unique characteristics that can make cycling as a sport intimidating for a rider who is just starting out. These include:

  • The Provincial race courses are challenging.
  • The riders are expected to go out on their own on a race course without very much experience with hydration, eating and mechanical repairs. Due to inexperience, their equipment may be in bad condition from the start without their knowledge.
  • New riders may feel like they are no match for the more experienced riders in their category.
  • For young riders, they are the minority at most events. The majority of cyclists at races are Masters’ age.

For the parents of younger riders, the initial experience with cycling as an organized sport can also be daunting due to:

  • The young riders spending a great deal of time out of their sight during a race.
  • No identifiable facility or “drop off” location for the sport (as there is in hockey, gymnastics, soccer, baseball etc) thus being unsure on how to support their child’s involvement.

Development of Racers

For those who wish to pursue the competitive side of cycling, The Cyclesmith Racing Team will maintain a supportive and fun environment that will assist enthusiasts to develop their cycling skills. The ultimate goal of exposing riders to the sport of cycling is to make them “Active For Life” so that they continue their involvement in cycling well past their completive racing years by becoming coaches, event organizers, officials and volunteers. It is important to make their experience as positive as we can so that they remain involved in cycling, and pass on the same values to the next generation of riders.

We wish to achieve the following through the Cyclesmith Racing Team:

  • Participants to achieve the benefits of being part of a team.
  • Provide Team Leaders to answer questions from both racers and parents.
  • Provide Team Leaders to support the team at events.
  • Organise clinics on various topics.
  • Organise “Projects”.
  • Provide support system for group (car pooling to events, encouragement at races).
  • Provide support at races – everything from tent set up, first aid, tools, energy gels.
  • Be an advocate for racing in the province (discussions with race organizers, BNS).
  • Organize weekly rides – Road and MTB.

Code of Conduct

Cycling in Nova Scotia enjoys a great track record for excellent behaviour among the competitors. The great majority of racers are very courteous, and in the case of young riders, the parents cheer for all the riders, not just their own child. There are lots of words of encouragement out on the course, and slower riders are quick to yield the trail to faster riders that are overtaking them. There are quite a few reasons for this:

  • Many young riders’ parents have also raced so they’ve taught them proper etiquette from a young age.
  • The fastest racers in the province are excellent role models to the young riders so they emulate the good sportsmanship that they see from the riders they admire.
  • The nature of the sport (riders out of sight for the majority of the event and non-subjectivity of the results) makes it less conducive to parents getting overly caught up in the race.

Despite all the above, there have still been isolated cases of poor sportsmanship by racers, and inappropriate behaviour by parents at cycling events.  The Code of Conduct serves to set a minimum standard that is expected from the athlete/parents to be part of the Cyclesmith Racing Team.

Selection of Members

Members will be selected to be part of the Cyclesmith Racing Team based on the following criteria:

In general:

  • Motivated to be part of the team.
  • Demonstrate excellent sportsmanship at events.

Additional considerations for younger riders:

  • Demonstrates the maturity to be coached and mentored.
  • Demonstrates desire to develop cycling skills.
  • Is a “good fit” among the racers on the team.
  • Willingness to volunteer at the summer Short Track series.
  • Cycling should be the summer sport of choice and take precedent over other sports and leisure activities.
  • Demonstrates the ability to compete at the Provincial level.

Cycling does not have the large numbers (such as hockey or soccer) from which to draw volunteers, nor does it charge significant registration fees to pay coaches (such as gymnastics, Tae Kwon Do) to assist with training. The Cyclesmith Racing Team success will rely on the effort put in by volunteers that are associated with the team. Parents of young riders will be expected to assist in running events put on for the development of the young riders which may include the Short Track Series, Camps and Projects.

Camps and Projects

A “Camp” is a term to be used to define a training event that teaches the riders skills, typically in the local area, and takes place in one day.

The term “Project” will be used to define a training event of longer duration that includes some degree of travel and accommodation.

Team Racing Apparel

The team racing apparel will be based on the Cyclesmith Cycling Club colours. The members will be expected to wear the team apparel at events.

Membership Fee

There is no membership fee associated with joining the Cyclesmith Racing Team. The members are expected to:

  • Possess the basic equipment needed to attend races.
  • Be a member of the Cyclesmith Cycling Club.
  • Hold a valid BNS Race License.
  • Purchase the team racing apparel.